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Welcome to the Multimedia Case Study of Dr. Oetker!

The group of companies Oetker, in particular the brand Dr. Oetker, achieves nationally but also internationally a high degree of brand awareness. Since centuries the company has convinced its consumers with quality and reliability as it is demonstrated in the slogan: "Quality is the best recipe". With reference to the future as well as societal and media changes one is aware that brand management faces new challenges.

How much does the digital revolution influence Dr. Oetker’s the marketing- and brand strategy? This is the central question of the Multimedia Case Study at hand. You will have multifaceted opportunities to get in touch with the company Dr. Oetker as well as the chosen products. With the help of multimedia prepared contents of the Multimedia Case Study at hand you are asked to work actively on the marketing- and brand strategy of the following Dr. Oetker products: VITALIS, RISTORANTE and WÖLKCHEN.

The company Dr. Oetker and the team of Multimedia Case Studies asks for a confidential usage of all information provided in the frame of the Multimedia Case Studies. The information at hand serves exclusively for the work and solution of the Multimedia Case Studies.


Good Luck!